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If you’re on the market for a new roof, you’ve likely come across torch down roofing. What is torch down roofing? It’s a method of installation similar to tar and gravel roofing in that layers of material are applied to a roof. To ensure a proper seal, additional materials are melted to joints with flame-throwing tools, hence the name torch down.

Torch down roofing is an effective means of protecting your home, but should not be attempted without proper instruction and experience. In most cases, it’s best to rely on a reputable team with the knowledge and training to do the best job possible. Only the best certified and fully insured roofing contractors should be trusted with the application of torch down roofing.

If you’re interested in torch down roofing for your home, contact only a reputable and experienced team to learn more about the process and what it can do for your home.
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Torch down roofing is a method of roofing that uses layers of materials bound to the roof. Joints are reinforced with additional materials that are melted into place with fire. It can be an effective means of sealing a roof, but should never be attempted without proper hands on training and experience.


Torch down roofing is frequently used on flat roofs when water and snow may sit for extended periods of time. One of the most useful benefits of torch down is that it’s completely impervious to leaks, making it an ideal solution for many Canadian conditions. Torch down roofing is also more puncture and damage resistant than other types of flat roofing, which means that less maintenance will be required over the life of the roof.

Repairs and Replacement

One of the best parts of torch down roofing is the ease with which it can be maintained or replaced. As long as the roof is still flat and intact, additional layers can be placed directly on top. This makes things quite a bit cheaper than the sometimes costly repairs associated with other types of roofing materials.
While a useful and efficient means of covering a roof, torch down roofing should only be attempted by a trained and experienced, fully certified, and insured roofing professional. Contact a reputable team today to take advantage of all that torch down roofing has to offer. 


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